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HG Unicorn: Done, RG Aile Strike: Done, HG Geara Zulu: WIP 1

20/09/2012 1 comment

And what I mean by ‘done’ is that I have just snap-fitted for the meantime. I’d like to give them all a custom paintjob but haven’t planned on what colours to use so in the meantime I’m working on modifying the Geara Zulu before I proceed to paint anything.

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Unicorn WIP 2 – Nearly There…

Also I’ve uploaded pictures of my Figma Miku and a reshoot of my old God Gundam to the galleries.

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Jesta – WIP 4

Even more pla-plating, a bit of scribing and a back mounted cannon. Didn’t think I’d go this far in terms of modifying… now that I’ve done this much might as well go all out with the pla-plating.

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Jesta – WIP 3

Bit of pla-plating here and there as well as scraping the side skirts of my HG God Gundam. The original skirt parts are now attached to the legs, kinda like missile pod attachment for the Zaku II Type F2. Now we turn the model around…

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Jesta – WIP 2

Snap-fit completed, now for the arduous task of cementing and clean up. Really dont like the fact the seams run right down the middle of the forearms and I have a feeling that I’m going to spend quite some time trying to cover up the seams.

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Jesta WIP 1


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Completed the basic snap-fitting step and decided to add a little more to it. First real attempt to use pla-plates to improve the detail of a model, though now that I think about it… seems kinda silly to do this to a RG kit since they’re pretty detailed already.

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