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RG 1/144 – Zaku II

After spending many weeks doing nothing much I thought it was about time I finished off the Zaku, it really shouldn’t have taken this long but I got there eventually. Now, about the Zaku… it’s looking rather grey. If Char saw this he’d probably weep over the lack of hue, let alone the lack of red. Read more…



Completed the basic snap-fitting step and decided to add a little more to it. First real attempt to use pla-plates to improve the detail of a model, though now that I think about it… seems kinda silly to do this to a RG kit since they’re pretty detailed already.

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RG Zaku II – WIP I

07/06/2011 2 comments

Started work on the Zaku II and more or less completed the legs, for now I’m leaving out the tubing for later. It appears the frame the Zaku uses is pretty much the same as the one used in the RX-78-2, in fact the leg frame is identical meaning that it will share the same cool features and pesky problems. Read more…

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Huzzah! We Have Loot!

Yep… my next project is the RG Char’s Zaku II, but more importantly I got myself my very first figma! I never had a strong interest in the figma line, sure there were a couple which I considered purchasing but the moment that KOS-MOS was announced I immediately placed my pre-order.

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RG 1/144 – RX-78-2 Gundam

16/11/2010 3 comments

Finally! Long time since I started this, been kept busy so I had very little time to work on it but it’s now done! And what an amazing kit this is. I’m sure you’ve heard many positive things about the model from Bandai’s new line of gunpla, and I assure you now that those cries of praise are not unjustified. This kit is incredibly detailed,  has an inner frame, a number of cool gimmicks, great articulation and to top it all off all these features are crammed into a 1/144 scale model. Actually I was quite surprised by the fact that Bandai went all out with the various coloured runners for the sake of colour accuracy, considering that some MGs don’t quite get the same treatment in this regard. One of the features which I absolutely adore is the 1/144 core fighter. It’s so small yet it is able to transform and dock into the body of the RX-78-2 like in the show which is really cool.

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