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Changes to the Blog + Gundam AGE-2 Spallow

09/08/2012 1 comment

Several changes made to blog now. New theme, an additional gallery for other collectables and new naming convention implemented for any uploaded items.

Also did a photoshoot for the AGE which is basically a kitbash of the AGE-1 Spallow and Age-2 Normal. Check out the gallery here.


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After a really long break from gunpla and other plastic goods I thought now would be a good time to resume blogging. I finished off the Jesta and grabbed a few other things so expect reviews to come soon. Seeing as I am really behind in AGE, reviews of the episodes will cease and I’ll probably just give my final thoughts when I see it all.

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Live Action Doraemon Ad – Starring Jean Reno

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Gundam in my Playstation Home?

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Completely Random Post – Rika Sez…

Harry Ord Approves

Oh Look! A RC Zoid!

Ain’t it cute?

Where I Have Been – No Fun For Me

It really has been a long time since my last post. College really has prevented me from doing anything gundam related. Well all of my work is done and out of the way so now I’m free to do what I like, huzzah! Expecting something to arrive soon, so very excited since it will have my next gunpla project and something entirely different that I’m new to, might even review it.

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