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New Toys Added to Misc Gallery

The misc gallery just got bigger, do have a look.

Figma – Black☆Rock Shooter

Figma – Samus Aran

Alter – 1/7 Selvaria Bles


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Huzzah! We Have Loot!

Yep… my next project is the RG Char’s Zaku II, but more importantly I got myself my very first figma! I never had a strong interest in the figma line, sure there were a couple which I considered purchasing but the moment that KOS-MOS was announced I immediately placed my pre-order.

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Katejina Loos PVC Figure

One of the many things revealed at the MegaHobby 2010 Expo that caught my eye. I remember watching Victory Gundam  many years ago, I wasn’t too pleased with the show itself as I found it too depressing seeing many of the characters getting killed off but I did like the characters, espicially Katejina. I’m not really into PVC figures simply because they’re pretty big for what little room I can sacrifice to display things and they’re also generally pretty expensive. Seeing this figure in colour at last has left me pondering whether I really want to add this to my tiny collection of PVC figures. HNNGGG….. decisions decisions….