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New Master Grades – Gunpla Expo Japan 2011

Well… it was to be expected. The Gundam AGE-1 is coming next year followed with the Titus and Spallow variants as well as the Gafran which is cool. Also to be released around the same time as the AGE-1…

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G-Shot 2011

It’s back. Pretty much the same as before, 5 categories: Best Overall, Diorama, Customised, Painted and Straight-Built. There have been a few modifications to the rules concerning submissions applicable for the Straight-Build category.

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I Called It

Liked I had guessed (and I’m sure many others had too) as a part of the SEED anniversary project there is going to be a line of new High Grade kits. Ripped straight from Gundam Guy, some of  the detail are:

  • Redesigned packaging
  • Include parts to be attached to Action Base 2 (Action Base sold separately) to allow the gunpla to display in various action poses
  • Colors will be molded to match the color from this animated HD remastered series
  • Additional markings (stickers) will come with the gunpla kit, such as affiliation insignia, numbers and identification markings.
Whether this line of HG kits are completely revised versions of the older kits remains a mystery, although many suspect that this isn’t the case.
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Gunpla Boxart That You Can Wear

Oh cool! Bandai has now given us a printing service which allow fans to have T-shirts, towels and scrolls of their favourite boxart. Customers are able to choose from a selection of Master Grade boxarts, though there are some which have been left out of the selection I believe. Unfortunately this service is only available in Japan so if you might have to contact a friend in Japan in order to get a hold of one. Also the service is not cheap, we’re looking at ¥3990 for T-shirts and ¥2940 for posters and scrolls.


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My Next Figma?

27/08/2011 1 comment

I believe so… (  ^ω^) ~ ♪ Apparently this was announced a while back, but it seems I missed the news. No matter now since someone managed to nab some pics at the Chara Hobby show. Turns out there was another Samus figure being displayed…

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Gundam SEED Returns

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of  Mobile Suit Gundam SEED a high-definition “remaster project” is in the works. Ugh…  really? Do we really need another revised Gundam series? Surely the time and resources are better off on a series which hasn’t been animated yet, like Crossbone Gundam for instance. At least Gundam: The Origin kind of makes sense but this is just silly. I guess the choice for the upcoming Real Grade kit was chosen for this very reason and I suspect a wave of brand new SEED High Grade kits are on its way. In any case I don’t think this will be aired on Japanese TV and instead it’s going straight to a DVD and Blu-ray Disc release. Bleh… the news is a little irritating but at least I will get to see this scene in glorious HD (>:D ケケケ…)

Source: ANN

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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE

13/06/2011 4 comments

Lots of talk of the new Gundam series flying about the interwebs. It appears Sunrise is not working on it but instead they got Level 5, known for the Inazuma Eleven and the Professor Layton series. Watching the trailer I am thinking SEED-ish animation, hopefully no recycled animation because I hated that in SEED. Character designs pretty much how I imagined Level-5 would design their characters. As for the Gundams… well at least the design isn’t as bad as Beginning Gundam but I find the normal version to be far too similar to the O Gundam, though I’m really diggin’ the MS that will serve as the GM of this series. The enemies however do raise a few eyebrows, aliens are pretty much a no-no for Gundam but if they at least have some level of intelligence which will hopefully explain why they are taking an antagonistic stance in the story then I’ll give them some leeway, otherwise they can rot in a pit alongside with the ELS.

I know the show has been getting a lot of flak ever since early screens and pics were shown off. Honestly I say we let Level-5 have a stab at the Gundam franchise, open up the franchise to a younger audience and who knows it might turn out to be good. If it’s too childish for some of you well at least Unicorn is still ongoing.

Gundam AGE Official Website

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