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Unicorn WIP 2 – Nearly There…

Also I’ve uploaded pictures of my Figma Miku and a reshoot of my old God Gundam to the galleries.

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HG Unicorn WIP

Current thing I’m working on… and who’s this over there? I’ll try to be quick as possible with this build seeing as I have plenty more gunpla in storage waiting to be built as well. I might leave it unpainted and then quickly move onto the next kit which I’m more eager to build. As for the other toy in the photo look out for its gallery entry in a couple of days where I should have completed its photoshoot.

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Changes to the Blog + Gundam AGE-2 Spallow

09/08/2012 1 comment

Several changes made to blog now. New theme, an additional gallery for other collectables and new naming convention implemented for any uploaded items.

Also did a photoshoot for the AGE which is basically a kitbash of the AGE-1 Spallow and Age-2 Normal. Check out the gallery here.

HG 1/144 – Jesta

At long last I finished this kit. God knows how long I left this unpainted and what a pain it was to get it right when I finally got round to paint the drat thing. In case some of you can’t tell the modification work of this Jesta is based around the shocktrooper class from the game franchise Valkyria Chronicles. This was the first time I used custom decals that can be printed out on a normal inkjet printer.

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Jesta – WIP 4

Even more pla-plating, a bit of scribing and a back mounted cannon. Didn’t think I’d go this far in terms of modifying… now that I’ve done this much might as well go all out with the pla-plating.

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Jesta – WIP 2

Snap-fit completed, now for the arduous task of cementing and clean up. Really dont like the fact the seams run right down the middle of the forearms and I have a feeling that I’m going to spend quite some time trying to cover up the seams.

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Jesta WIP 1


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