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Jesta – WIP 4

Even more pla-plating, a bit of scribing and a back mounted cannon. Didn’t think I’d go this far in terms of modifying… now that I’ve done this much might as well go all out with the pla-plating.

I admit the cannon idea was nicked from Chubbbs since I really couldn’t come up with anything interesting, however I’m still thinking of alternatives so the cannon may go and get replaced by something more original and fitting to the theme I building around. Speaking of which you might have noticed what I have done with the carbine, another hint if you want guess what the theme is.

The back is kind of bare so more work is needed here I guess. Well, progress is slow but it’s producing interesting results. Don’t think this can make the G-Shot contest deadline though… meh what the heck, there’s always next year.

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