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Gundam AGE – Episode 6-7

I felt that episode 6 didn’t have much to talk about so I waited till 7 aired so I could review them together. Anyways the Diva crew is still on Fardain but during these two episodes we get a better idea what their next objective is.

In the previous episode Captain Sideburns explained that he wants to attack what he believes to be a UE stronghold. The Diva alone isn’t going to be enough to take it down so he tries to strike a deal with one of the local warmongers on Fardain. Elsewhere Flit and Emily have a little argument which takes them outside into the colony streets. There they discover MS fighting each other and get caught up in the skirmish. Luckily one of the locals helps them out and they flee to an underground slum where the pair learn about Fardain’s current situation.

In the past there was a great war which broke out when people started migrating outside the Earth Sphere. There were two factions that formed and have been fighting ever since. The wealth in Fardain has been unevenly distributed so that members and warmongers of the factions remain rich on the surface and many of Fardain’s citizens have to live in the slums.

There is more fighting on the surface and a new UE MS makes an appearance. Flit in his Gundam engages this new enemy but the DODS rifle is no use against it. The UE flees and members of the ZAFT Zalam faction decide to take Flit into custody. Flit sees that the warmonger that Captain Sideburns was talking to was the leader of the Zalam Union and is told about the warships that they are trying to obtain in order to attack the UE stronghold.

Like most of the Gundam protagonists Flit just had to express his discontent for unnecessary fighting, criticising the faction leader for selfishly dragging on the past. Of course the Zalam leader points out that Flit is being a hypocrite for having to use his past as an excuse to fight against the UE. They are then interrupted by Emily’s poor attempt to rescue Flit and shortly later by the other faction, the Euba Alliance. Captain Sideburns uses the opportunity to make a quick exit with Flit while the Zalam attempt to fight off the attacking group.

While the two factions engages each other the new UE unit from before returns with two Gafran. However the new unit splits off and pursues the van Captain Sideburns is driving. Flit leaves the factions to deal with the UE pursuing the van and like before isn’t able to beat it. Flit is then told that the AGE System has built something that might help him to defeat his powerful foe…

At last we are introduced to one of the variants of the AGE-1 Gundam, Titus. Flit gives the UE a good smack in the face and sends it flying and here the episode ends leaving us anticipating what more the Titus can do.

I like the idea and concept behind the Titus, it’s just a shame the overall design is poor. I don’t think it’s the shape that is problem but the choice of colour for the equipment. The fact there’s so much red all over the limbs you can tell it’s visually tacked-on equipment, kinda of the same way I felt about the Strike Gundam’s equipment. I’m thinking black may be a better choice of colour, but then it would look too similar to the Bolt Gundam.

Anyways… it’s only been 7 episodes and I am already despising Emily. Her likability has simply been dwindling as the show progressed and she has become the Flay Allster of this series. When Flay started getting on my nerves I really wanted her dead so I was pleasantly surprised that Sunrise granted me that wish. Now that I hate Emily I hope she is to share the same fate, but I have a nagging feeling that she won’t be killed off. In fact do you know who I miss already? Yurin, the cute girl we only got to see for a bit and who is way more likable and useful as a character compared to Emily. They should kill off Emily and then have Yurin take the role of heroine so she can make love with Flit. They should make the scene where Emily dies slow and gratifying just so I savour moment she gives her last breath.

Haha… enough wishful thinking. Looking forward to see the Titus in action and that it gives us some fist-pumping cool scenes in next weeks episode.

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