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Gundam AGE – Episode 5

The return of the Innovators...

The Diva crew at last make it to Fardain where they will resupply and then have an idea what their next objective is. We get to see a few new important characters in this episode and some ‘interesting’ developments so let’s dive into the review. Spoilers

Dangerously big windows you got there...

Before we actually go through with this review I have to make this clear: this was a bad episode. There are several things that happen in this episode which forced me to pause the show for a bit as I face-palmed in disgust. The events are so clichéd and predictable, more importantly they’re the most memorable parts of the episode and that just makes me cry. Anyway the episode starts off with Flit being unhappy with the current situation that he’s in. He claims that he doesn’t want to fight (yeah right you liar) but as the creator of the mighty savior that is the Gundam he has no choice but to. Woolf tells Flit that he’s happy that Flit is prepared to fight like soldier and somehow boost the confidence in Flit. However not far off Emily starts being all yandere and is disappointed that Flit is willing to fight against the UE and runs off to find Captain Sideburns hoping that she can convince him to ensure that Flit doesn’t take part in battle.


He did lock the door... right?


Meanwhile Captain Sideburns unsatisfied with the silencing of the former captain and stealing the position decides to cause even more trouble. He leaves the room and not only does he forget to lock the damn door Emily just had to be snooping around to discover the bad things he has been up to! Come on now, if you are up to no good make sure no one is able to find out what you’ve been up to.


He going to get away with this one isn't he?

Oh but of course, the conveniently damaging infomation card...

Later the Diva docks at Fardain and the kids go their separate ways as they tour the colony the ship get itself resupplied. Captain Sideburns on the other hand is greeted by a group of Feddies attempting to arrest him. Somehow he knew exactly which officer would come over to personally arrest him and somehow managed to gather and present the evidence of illegal activities that the officer has been involved in, essentially blackmailing in order to save himself from being arrested.


Oh god... don't tell me he's going to...


Flit on his own explores Fardain when he accidentally hurts a young boy named Decil. Flit takes Decil back to the Diva to treat the injuries and then show off his invention to Decil. Suddenly an alarmed is raised as it turns out that two Gafran managed to sneak into Fardain. Then we discover (in case you weren’t able to tell) that Decil isn’t such an innocent child as he quickly steals the AGE device from Flit and hops inside the Gundam and launches it out to chase the Gafran.

Nothing surprises me anymore...

Flit and Woolf chase after Decil in Genoaces fearing that the something will happen to the Gundam, after all Decil has never seen the interior and learnt how to use the OS and controls of the machine. But no, Decil is more of an ace than the guys expect as he demonstrates how quickly and confidently he can take out the Gafran. Luckily for Flit, Decil returns the Gundam and AGE device and gives his farewells leaving Flit shocked and confused.


YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING!! How the hell do these guys get around without getting the attention of security?!

Shortly after we learn that Decil is part of some mysterious group named EDEN as we are told by this masked weirdo who may as well be considered the Char of this series. With that the episode ends and I find my face buried in my hands. Just too much stupid in one episode, though I admit it’s not on the same level of stupid as the monstrosity that is A Wakening of the Trailblazer. It looks like I forgot to mention that Decil is also a Newtype-like character which would partially explain his exceptional ability to use a MS. Anyway too much poo-poo content for me and hopefully we can leave it at that.

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