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New Master Grades – Gunpla Expo Japan 2011

Well… it was to be expected. The Gundam AGE-1 is coming next year followed with the Titus and Spallow variants as well as the Gafran which is cool. Also to be released around the same time as the AGE-1…

I’ll be damned, this is certainly a pleasant surprise! I heard about an upcoming SEED MG and I thought it’d be the Aegis but this is fine too. Actually… now that I think about it, with the making of the Duel Gundam this could mean the MG Buster, Blitz and Aegis may make its way onto store shelves. Brilliant stuff! And just when things got exciting…


*Sigh* Not only is there yet another freakin’ MG Unicorn variant this particular one is just so damned uninspired. When Bandai could have just made the Banshee which is essentially a Unicorn variant they give us this instead? What bothers me even more is that the fuel tanks which the Unicorn is riding come with the MG FA Unicorn anyway!

Ugh… there is plenty more stuff from the expo so you can visit Gundam Guy where I nicked the pictures from to see more.

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