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Gundam AGE – Episode 4

Following the destruction of the colony Nora the Diva team head out to a Feddie base to resupply. All sorts of interesting things happen during this episode so without delay let’s proceed with the review.

Them meddling kids... Loitering as usual....

Flit and his two friends hang around in the MS docking and maintenance area as Flit updates the AGE system with the data from the previous battle. Because Emily and Dique didn’t join the rest of the Nora citizens (did they forget?!) they go to ask Captain Sideburns to see what they should do. Not in the mood to deal with the kids, Captain Sideburns gives them the cold shoulder, leaving the kids no choice but to seek the company of the Diva crew. The adults comfort the kids and reassure them that they will be able to return to their families when they reach the Feddie base when suddenly a person they are not familiar with makes a dashing entrance…

It couldn't possibly be.... Loran?!

 We are introduced to a new character Woolf Enneacle who is apparently was a pretty famous MS Grand Prix star who then decided to join the Feddie army. He is so famous he has earned himself the nickname ‘White Wolf’. Because Woolf was asleep in a recovery pod during the events at Nora he expresses his confusion of the situation seeing that he is surrounded by a bunch of new faces. Later he is given the position as MS commander by Captain Sideburns and then claims the Gundam as his personal MS which greatly upsets Flit. Because of this Woolf and Flit agree to have a duel which the winner gets to claim the Gundam.

Well well... he looks like Loran and his MS is a White Doll

With a cheeky if not subtle reference to G Gundam to start off their duel, Flit takes a pot shots at Woolf and then quickly learns that Woolf isn’t exactly an easy target. He later tries to apply what he learnt from fighting the UE and then actually manages to get a few hits, much to the surprise of Woolf. Unfortunately their duel is interrupted by, surprise-surprise… a group of UE units and quite a large number of them. Because the two pilots brought training weapons they are forced to hide as they soon discover the UE were accompanying a huge battleship.

Is this really a battleship? It's so big you might as well call it a mobile colony

With the odds stacked against them Woolf tells Flit to return to the Diva to inform them of the UE while he acts as a decoy. Flit quickly returns with the DODS rifle to help out the struggling Woolf. Even with the DODS rifle they are no match but Woolf improvises and takes the DODS rifle and shoots an unusually explosive rock which they use to distract the UE as they try to hide away. Funnily enough the UE just give up without even bothering to look for them and then retreat to their ship which then demonstrates the ability to hide itself visually and from radar sensors. The episode ends with the two MS pilots having a little cheery quarrel inside the Diva and at the Captain Sideburns goes through the battle recording  thinking that he recognises who the enemy really are.

Smug Loran is smug ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

 That episode was pretty much an reenactment of the 0083 Stardust Memories episode where Kou duels the smug Monsha to see who gets to pilot the GP01. Having said that Woolf and Monsha are very alike; egocentric, cocky and have a thing for women as we quickly get to learn the moment Woolf shows himself to the crew. In case you haven’t realised I can’t shake off the fact that Woolf bears an uncanny resemblance to the protagonist from Turn A Gundam, Loran Cehack. The hair, skin colour and his freakin’ attire is screaming to me that this is a grown up Loran, though their personalities is certainly not the same by a long shot.

I know that Woolf was never described as being an ace pilot during the episode but the way the characters talked about him imply that he is. In that case he’s not much of an ace based on the preformance he gave. Makes me wonder if he was made an ace simply because he was able to survive all the battles he took part in (or maybe because he’s the king at mock battles, hurr hurr). It may turn out that he really is a good pilot and that the poor performance was due to the fact he’s is using a Genoace (which is a freaking cool MS :P) with a training weapon and was greatly outnumbered, but so far he’s just all talk.

A fairly enjoyable but rather predictable episode, I mean who didn’t honestly forsee the UE bumping in to say hi? We are introduced to a new character who isn’t quite as funny/charming as Monsha or Patrick ‘God’ Colasuar and isn’t that great a pilot but he has plenty of episodes to prove his worth.


I find it funny how the arm vents appear then dissappear during the show.

You'll get used to it my dear. It's not like Flit is the youngest Gundam pilot ever.

"They have MS racing on Malastare. Very fast, very dangerous."

Loran you sly dog. Not satisfied with your queen I take it?

Oh those poor confused faces. Espicially Adam's... God dammit Level-5! One of your annimators have really been slacking!!

So it appears he has embraced his fighting intincts

"And while I'm at it I'll have that A inverted for old time's sake"

Yeah seriously kid... it's not even painted red

"3000 years I have waited..."

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