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Gundam AGE – Episode 3

Come at me bro!

Carrying on with the reviewing. Spoilers Ahead

The new UE unit, the Zedas, fast approaching the Diva shows off its tight maneuverability and speed as dodges the anti-aerial cannon fire and moves right up to the bridge of the battleship but bizarrely leaves the ship the alone and flies off. Meanwhile  Flit engages with another Gafran which was accompanying the Zedas, however his inexperience as a pilot begins to show as he struggles to keep up with the enemy. As the battle continues Flit’s frustration grows and focus weakens, so much so he snaps at Yurin. Remaining calm and patient with our fledgling pilot, Yurin offers to lend some assistance to Flit.

It seems Yurin’s Newtype-like abilities isn’t limited to just foresight, in a way she can share her ability to others. In this case it improved Flit’s awareness for movement patterns which proved to a be key factor for his victory over the Gafran. Inside the colony Bruzar, who volunteered to remain inside the colony, unlocks the colony core so it can break free and ultimately sacrifices himself to ensure the evacuation plan succeeds.

The Zedas make a reappearance and this time engages Flit. With the help Yurin he is able to make several accurate shots on the Zedas but unfortunately had no real effect on it. Seeing as the fight was going nowhere the Zedas flees much to the surprise of Flit. The Diva then successfully pulls out the colony core moments before the colony completely collapses. On board the Diva Yurin gives her farewells to Flit, presumably to join to rest of the evacuated citizens who are to be picked up by another Feddie ship, and leaves him with a parting gift.

She'll be back...

Well that episode was rather straightforward to review. A lot of the episode of the episode does consist of flashbacks detailing the relationship between Bruzar and Flit. It just occurred to me while watching this episode but based on its appearance who reckons that the Diva can transform into a giant mobile armour ala Macross style? Anyway I find it funny how Yurin could be a better pilot than Flit currently is. Throughout the fight against the Gafran really showed that Flit has a long way to go before becoming an adept pilot in a MS. Another thing I found funny is how no one was able to provide assistance for Flit. As futile as it may seem I expected one or two Genoaces to help out. As for the UE, their behaviour appears to very odd as some of the characters in the show have already pointed out and they don’t really make it clear what they hope to achieve through this attack on the colony.

Well that’s that, too lazy to add screencaps and comments… I’ll probably do that with the next episode.

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