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Gundam AGE – Episode 2

Was unable to review the second episode last week due to a busy schedule so decided to wait for the third and then review them together. Spoilers Ahead!

While it appeared that UE retreated it turns out that they decided to fall back and station themselves outside the colony. The damage left by the UE inside the colony is too severe so a plan to evacuate the citizens is quickly devised. The plan involved moving the citizens into the undamaged central core and then use the recently built battleship, the Diva, to tow it out before the colony collapses.

In the middle of the evacuation procedure Flit meets a girl on her lonesome, Yurin. I assume that she becomes a love interest for Flit and at the same time a rival for the dear childhood friend Emily. Later in the episode Yurin demonstrates that she has the power of foresight, making her one of the Newtype/Coordinator/Innvator of the series. Meanwhile the in docking area of the Diva some of the Feddies, which includes the ship’s captain, do what Feddies do best and decide to be jerks and try make a quick exit with the ship, leaving the citizens behind. Suddenly out from the shadows…

A Challenger Appears!

Knowing that the captain wouldn’t follow the plan to rescue the colony population, Grodek silently takes out the scum and later enters the Diva and surprise the crew with his recently self-promoted position as Captain Sideburns. After that bit of badassery (lol, is that even a word) Flit accompanied with Yurin inside the Gundam eventually find their way outside the colony and then quite literally bumps into one of the UE. They then quickly engage one another but the beam pistol the Gundam is equipped with is of no use. On board the Diva, Vargas decides to put another one of Flit creations to the test.

The AGE System, which can be best described as a gunpla moddler’s dream machine, uses the battle data collected on the Gundam and then produces a weapon (and I suppose the armour we will see in later episodes) for the Gundam to use so it has a slight advantage over its opponents. With the newly produced beam magnum DOTS rifle Flit quickly eliminates the Gafran. Flit revels on his second victory but in the distance a new UE unit approaches….

Dun Dun DUN!

Somewhat disappointed with the lack of action in this episode, but I guess the insubordination of Captain Sideburns and the introduction of the AGE system makes up for that. Speaking of which, the AGE system seems familiar… I remember Zoids doing something like that for the Liger Zero. It’s a neat concept though a bit too convenient for the Gundam, it’d be cool if the show decides to mix things up and allow other units make use of the system or even better the enemy gets a hold of it and uses it against the Gundam. Now the onto episode 3.

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