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Gundam AGE: Episode 1

Unhappy with my show?

I have never reviewed an anime before, so this is an interesting turn of events. As some of you may know, it’s a new season meaning new anime. One of them being a new entry to the Gundam franchise called Gundam AGE, so I thought it might be interesting to see how this show will fare and thus I thought it would be cool to review this. Oh yeah! Step one of reviewing: Spoiler Alert!

The story starts off with the young protagonist Flit dreaming of the nightmarish past he had to experience which involved the death of his mother and the destruction of his home colony. We are introduced to the enemy units known as the Unknown Enemy (imaginative…) who were responsible for the incident. Just before she dies Flit’s mother hands over the AGE device supposedly containing the research and blueprints for constructing the Gundam. After the short flashback we begin to learn that while Flit has been living a normal life as a young teenager he also has been working on the development of the Gundam. We’re also introduced to some of the supporting characters before the UE *gasp* attack their colony. In a desperate attempt to fend off the attackers Flit jumps into the newly built but untested Gundam and successfully takes out one of the UE, causing them to retreat.

A so-so episode. It wasn’t as captivating as I hoped it would be, then again pretty much all the Gundam shows have a pretty weak first episode. The nay-sayers before the show even aired aren’t going to change their opinions anytime soon, but hopefully the show will probably get better as it goes on. The character designs for me are fine, I can understand how some may not appreciate Level-5 style but hey at least the variety is better than ‘Same-face Hirai’ right? I think it’s fair to say that the episode wasn’t bad, though I guess I do have one bit of criticism to give.

Nooo! (屮゜Д゜)屮 What the hell are you thinking?!

I pretty much had the same gripe with Gundam ZZ when this scene happened. No adult will ever let a kid, regardless of how clever he is, to operate a military weapon. I don’t care whether Flit built the drat thing, he isn’t a soldier nor has he been trained to be one and two old coots thought it would be alright to let him pilot it without second thought.

Alright, that’s one episode done… many more to go haha. In any case here’s hoping that Gundam AGE gets better.

Bonus Screencaps:

*Sigh* This franchise really has a severe case of dying parents

Bizarrely the ship seems to be intact

"Yes, forgive me mother..."

Just when I had forgotten about 00 the ESF and A-Laws had to show up...

"Come 'ere you!"

It appears Cid got bored with the airships and decided to work on mecha

The survivors of the Dark History would like to have word with you...

Angel? God forbid that this show has a crossover with EVA!

Hmm... that beam-shot sounds vaguely familiar



"I never asked for this..."

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