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RG 1/144 – Zaku II

After spending many weeks doing nothing much I thought it was about time I finished off the Zaku, it really shouldn’t have taken this long but I got there eventually. Now, about the Zaku… it’s looking rather grey. If Char saw this he’d probably weep over the lack of hue, let alone the lack of red.

Rather glad I waited for a bit to get a sheet of waterslide decals instead of using the clear stickers provided, looks great without the obvious borders that can be seen on clear stickers. Some of the mods I made aren’t very obvious, most are pretty subtle and are only noticable if inspected up close. I’ve been contemplating whether I should remove the clear plastic that covers the mono-eye because of the reflections, thankfully it can removed fairly easily so when I’m in the mood I’ll probably just remove it.

As you’d expect from a Real Grade kit the articulation of the Zaku is pretty incredible using the sliding armour gimmick. Another cool gimmick is that the mono-eye moves side-to-side as you rotate the head back and forth. One more thing to mention, individual tube bits! (which are really small and easy to lose if one is not careful).

A great kit as to be expected, only real problems I’ve had so far is the stiff knee which was dealt with and the two front skirt bits constantly popping off. At times it can be annoying to build especially if you are sanding and painting the tube bits which sometimes like to roll off somewhere and play a game of hide-and-seek. In any case that’s another Real Grade kit done and dusted, huzzah!

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