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MG 1/100 – Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth

About damn time! Cripes, been quite a while since I’ve finished this but never got around to conduct a photoshoot with this model till now. I built this and submitted this as an entry for the G-Shot contest which was held back in January under the best paintjob category. Obviously I got outclassed by the better submissions but I managed to pass the prelims so it’s all good.

Now the Crossbone is a very cool kit. Its overall design is based primarily around the stereotypical pirate theme, donning  the  skull and crossbones on various places hence its name. It comes with all sorts of weapons and gimmicks, most of which are pirate themed  for example: the flintlock pistol. I wasn’t thrilled by the original colour scheme of the Crossbone as it can be seen on the Gundam Wiki, so I went with a darker scheme similar to that of the Crossbone X-2 which I thought was more fitting to the pirate theme.

Out all the various accessories the Crossbone has, the Peacock Smasher is most definitely my favourite. Basically its a mutli-barrel beam crossbow with a cool name. Now unfortunately the weapon is pretty heavy so the Crossbone has trouble trying to keep it lifted up. Poseability of this kit is fairly restricted due to the Full Cloth. Removing it will make it a lot easier to do dynamic poses and make it seem less awkward when equipping weapons, but  as result it will look frail and less intimidating.

Overall the Crossbone Gundam is a pretty cool looking kit that comes with a great number of  equipment to mix and match. Mind you even though looks great its design is not very practical, poseability issues aside another issue is the design of the two chest parts of the Full Cloth. I don’t really like the way it has to be attached on the top half of the cockpit hatch which prevents it from being closed completely. Now there’s another variant of the this kit called the Crossbone Gundam X-1 ver. Ka. They are essentially the same model but the ver. Ka doesn’t come with the Full Cloth or the Peacock Smasher. Most people tend to go with Full Cloth version simply because of those two particular features and honestly I think the Crossbone looks way better with the Full Cloth.

  1. 09/05/2011 at 9:28 AM

    Beautiful. Because of that cloth, I am now tempted to try out a black paintjob with glossy or semi-gloss top coat and try RED INK for the grooves =D

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