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RG 1/144 – RX-78-2 Gundam

Finally! Long time since I started this, been kept busy so I had very little time to work on it but it’s now done! And what an amazing kit this is. I’m sure you’ve heard many positive things about the model from Bandai’s new line of gunpla, and I assure you now that those cries of praise are not unjustified. This kit is incredibly detailed,  has an inner frame, a number of cool gimmicks, great articulation and to top it all off all these features are crammed into a 1/144 scale model. Actually I was quite surprised by the fact that Bandai went all out with the various coloured runners for the sake of colour accuracy, considering that some MGs don’t quite get the same treatment in this regard. One of the features which I absolutely adore is the 1/144 core fighter. It’s so small yet it is able to transform and dock into the body of the RX-78-2 like in the show which is really cool.

All though I’d like to carry on saying how great this kit is I feel that there’s a few issues that need to be addressed. First is the frame of the model. Because it is built to a 1/144 scale it  simply won’t  be as sturdy as the frames in the MGs. If you had read my previous post  about my  mishap you would have learnt that the frame is incredibly fragile and has to be dealt with very carefully. Next issue is the decals. Now Bandai… seriously, do you really think clear stickers are the best choice of decals for this brand new line of models? I look at my model and often have the niggling thought in the back of my head: ‘Gosh, thinks looks cheap and tacky’. Really should have gone with waterslides instead guys. Last issue, which is more of a nit-pick, is the length of the beam saber. Cripes it is long, really too long in my opinion. I dunnow why but it seems like Bandai thought it’d be cool to give  this 1/144 model a beam saber that you would normally find for a MG kit. Don’t know what others think but it really seems out of proportion when the RX-78-2 equips it.

Enough of that, enjoy the gallery I put up. Hopefully I’ll get working on my next kit soon, it could be the yet to be realeased RG Zaku. I still need to order it though, better preorder one quick to secure one for myself on it’s release day.

EDIT: Upon close inspection I realised that the photos I uploaded are actually pretty poor. I plan to do another photoshoot soon so bear with me for a while. Gallery updated!

  1. Gunplafan11
    14/02/2011 at 5:49 AM

    This is a nice quick-review for an RG. But I guess you should’ve expected the fragile frame of the RG gunplas given their size and intricacy. And about the beam sabers, I think its one of Bandai’s easter-eggs again in their plamo releases. Bandai tends to give out some surprises (which are not always shown in the packaging) every once in a while as a treat for builders.. 🙂

    • 14/02/2011 at 5:14 PM

      Thanks dropping by. Now then, if the beam sabers were truly meant to be a surprise it’s a rather unpleasant one. Bah! I guess it’s just a personal issue since I haven’t heard anyone else complaining about them.

  2. 25/01/2014 at 2:35 PM

    Yes! Finally something about headunit.

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