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Another Century’s Episode R

Having mentioned A.C.E 3 in my previous blog about King Gainer I just remembered that a new A.C.E game was released very recently. A.C.E R which is a PS3 and presumably (plus annoyingly) Japan exclusive game was released on the 19th and the game just screams awesome. It has all sorts of playable mechs from various franchises, plenty of new comers in this installment such as Crossbone Gundam, Genesis of Aquarion, Armored Core and most surprisingly Code Geass. While the fact this game like the previous installments is most definitely not getting a western release it’s still possible to play this game here thanks to the Ps3 region free capabilities.

Click Here to Access the Website for More Info

  1. Z
    28/08/2010 at 4:38 AM

    Man… ACE is the new SRW!

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